Travelling: 5 Sites to Getting a Cheap (or even FREE) Bed (Part 3 of 5)

Posted on April 12, 2007. Filed under: travelling |

Today I’ll tell you the 5 sites I use to make sure I get a good deal on hotel/accomodationn


1. in conjunction with and

Tripadvisor is a great resource to find out which hotels are great in the city and which ones are absolute dumps. If you see a hotel you are interested in, tripadvisor can link you directly to travel websites to book to the room. Remember to try all different travel websites for the same hotel–you’ll often find a cheaper rate that way.



This website is good for up to 21 days before the day of travel. Its for hotels to sell excess inventory. It can really be hit or miss. You might be able to get a sweet deal or you might end up in a loud dump in the middle of nowhere. Remember to do research on the hotels before you book (! You earn credits on then website for each time you book a room that can be applied to future bookings


3. / 4. or

Hostels are then cheapest ways to find a bed for a night if you are traveling solo or with a friend. They range anywhere to hotel-quality to you’d be better off sleeping in the train station. Pay close attention when you are booking– some hostels have private rooms with bathroom, same sex shared, co-ed shared. Same sex shared or co-ed shared usually end up being the cheapest options, but be warned, you might end up with some creepy ass people. One time I stayed at a shared room in a hostel, someone stole our freaking cellphone! Don’t forget, some hostels have curfews and the majority of them kick you out by 10 am.



Of course I saved the shadiest option for you last. This involves joining the website and asking people if you can stay on their couch for the night. I’ve never done it, but the site proudly proclaims that over 50,000 people have successfully completed couch surfings. If you’re willing to sleep in someone’s house you just met on the internet then it’s a great option. You might meet your future wife/husband or they might kill you and sell you as sausage. But hey, at least you didn’t have to pay for a hotel room! ; )

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