Travelling: 5 Tips To Eat Cheaply and Well (Part 4 of 5)

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Today, I’ll discuss the best ways to eat cheaply while traveling. Its possible to eat everything the local cuisine has to offer and still be easy on the budget.

1. Use supermarkets

Supermarkets are a good way to try to products the locals eat everyday. In Prague, we were able to buy cold cuts, chesses, and bread to make sandwiches. We also picked up a nice selection of chocolates and candies not encountered in America. We were able to save a bunch of money this way.

2. Farmer’s Markets/ Festivals

This is a great way to try out the local delicacies/produce. Many times, there’ll also be food stands where you can get a great meal very cheaply. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing its fresh and its authentic.

3. Stray Away From Tourist Centers

The restaurants clustered around the tourist centers are mostly tourist traps; their prices are higher and they can pass off anything to unassuming tourists as the “local cuisine.” Instead, try to go to the areas less frequented by tourists, such as suburbs or side streets away from the action. If you find a restaurant full of the locals, you’ll know you’ve arrived at the right place. Although you might not be able to read the menu, you’ll have a great meal (and maybe even meet some friends).

4. Ask for Recommendations

Another great way is asking locals where they eat. The places they tell you will surely be both fairly priced and authentic. I found a great restaurant in Culebra, an island off coast of Puerto Rico, in this very manner. Its called El Cabao and its some of the best Spanish food I’ve ever had.

5. Cook

This might be difficult depending on where you’re staying. But if you’re staying with a friend that has a kitchen, this is one of the cheapest ways to eat. Pick up some groceries at the locl market and make something. Although it won’t taste like the local food, its a good way to save money so you can splurge at a restaurant and get two entrees. (I am a fatty and I have done this on numerous occasions)

Tommorrow is the final installment: Saving Money Shopping and Sightseeing!

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